Shaking up the Standard – COVID-19 and the Future of Apartment Design

We are currently at a brand-new juncture of architecture and design. Though we are still in the thick of it, the global coronavirus pandemic has already engendered changes in what we expect and require from our living spaces across the board. At an infrastructural level, the way we go about the design of housing supply [...]

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Financializing Canadian Housing and Shaping the Greater Golden Horseshoe’s Rental Segment

Canada’s multi-family apartment sector is the strongest it's ever been. Across the country, apartment buildings are full, vacancy rates have dropped to record lows, and rental rates have climbed to all-time-highs. This is thanks to a variety of factors and fundamentals, including a steadily growing population, rising home ownership costs, and a shortage of affordable [...]

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Rent is on the rise in the GTHA and Niagara – here’s what you need to know

It's been a year of record highs and lows in Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara. While vacancy rates are at an all-time-low, the average cost of rent is rising. And while rent increases are being recorded in major cities across Canada, the hikes are the steepest in the GTHA and Niagara. According to a new [...]

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Niagara Falls, Ontario Commercial Real Estate Apartment Investments

Niagara is Growing Rapidly Niagara Falls Ontario is known for being Canada's largest and most popular tourist area due to the Niagara Falls and casinos. Like most places in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Niagara is growing rapidly. Toronto’s affordability problems have investors and homeowners looking elsewhere to smaller submarkets for investments. Apartment Investor [...]

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3 Reasons to Invest in Canadian Multifamily Apartment Properties

After you’ve paid all your bills and you have cash to spare—whether it’s in the thousands or the millions—the question will arise, what do you do with it? Typically, your number one goal will be to preserve your cash. To be absolutely guaranteed that it will be there for you tomorrow, you can either bury [...]

How To Pay Less Tax In Commercial Real Estate In Canada – Tax Strategies Through Creative Financing and Vendor Take Backs

In real estate it is important to take the long-range view of property investing. But every once in a while, when the situation warrants, we’ll sell a property. And when we do, just like any other property owner we’re mindful of the tax that we are exposed to (capital gains). Often overlooked or unknown by [...]

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COVID-19 and the Canadian Multifamily Apartment Market

How will the Coronavirus affect the Canadian Housing Rental Market? As Canada—and the world—plunges headlong into the COVID-19 health crisis, stakeholders in the business of multifamily apartment building ownership are asking themselves the same question everyone else is: “How will the pandemic affect me, my business, and my tenants?” The negative effects on segments of [...]

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