News & Insights on Canadian Real Estate Investing—August 3, 2021

A what's what of Canada's fast-moving real estate sector from real estate expert and founder of Crescendo Equity, Mathew Moxness. For more news and insights on Canadian real estate and the factors that shape the sector, explore the Crescendo Equity blog.   Newsworthy Following peak activity in March, Canada's housing market is cooling down rapidly. [...]

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Moncton Real Estate Investing 2021 | Understanding Moncton, New Brunswick’s Economy and Real Estate Market

Moncton's real estate market is hotter than it has ever been thanks to population growth, increased livability, and an expanding economy. Today's article explains why Moncton is one of the best long-term investment cities in Canada.

Unlocking the Multi-Family Potential of Hotels, Seniors Housing, and Offices

The present and future uncertainty in the realms of tourism, seniors housing, and offices, and the growing demand for multi-family supply has engendered something of a solution: reconfiguring the former, lesser-performing supplies into multi-family housing. This article explains the impact of COVID-19 on the aforementioned sectors, as well as the specific factors that make for multi-family potential.

The Value of Vintage Apartments (Why Newer Isn’t Always Better)

It's a common misconception that newer is always better when it comes to housing and real estate in general. This post investigates the reasons why older buildings tend to yield a higher ROI than their newly built counterparts and explores some retrofitting projects around the Golden Horseshoe area geared at preserving and extending the life of aging supply.

Sudbury Real Estate Growth – The Benefits of Real Estate Investing in Sudbury’s Rental Segment

Sudbury touts a resilient and growing real estate market. This article explains why Sudbury's economy is so promising, why more people are choosing to settle in the region each year, and how such factors are contributing to the strength of Sudbury's rental segment and real estate market on the whole.

Top Rental Sub-Market Cities to Invest in Real Estate in Ontario in 2020

If you're thinking to invest in real estate in Ontario, where you invest is just as important as what you invest in. This article explores the submarkets that will yield you the highest return on your investment and why.

The Benefits of Real Estate Investing in the Niagara Region’s Rental Segment

This article delves into the fundamentals of Niagara's economy, including its reliable tourism sector and ongoing infrastructure projects, and how these factors drive the strength of the region's real estate market, particularly its hot rental segment.

Rescuing the Rental Segment: How Ontario Could Emerge Strong from a Deepening Rental Crisis

This article explores the series of strong fundamentals driving the province's inflated rental demand, how the concentration of that demand has shifted to submarkets due to COVID-19 and lack of supply, and the future and prospective developments that could potentially restore a healthier relationship between supply and demand in markets across Ontario.

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