Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Canada?

With stock and bond markets in turmoil, investors are turning to asset categories with a track record of relative stability and consistent returns. While every form of investment carries some risk, multifamily properties in Canada can provide a more defensive portfolio with significant long-term benefits.

Our projects offer secured cashflow and capital growth opportunities through investments in 100% Canadian multi-family apartment properties in Ontario – Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener/Cambridge and Montreal Quebec.



Cash Flow

Commercial real estate, including multifamily properties, is designed to provide stable and predictable cash flow through market cycles.

Forced Appreciation

We don’t count on market performance to create our value. Underperforming apartment buildings in Canada present a unique opportunity to drastically raise value by increasing revenue and reducing expenses thereby improving the overall net revenue (NOI). If managed properly, this can be done in a very short period time .

100% Canadian Real Estate Investments

We invest solely in Canadian multi-residential underperforming apartments. Our geographic areas of focus include Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener/Cambridge and Montreal, Quebec

Capital Protection

When properly leveraged, commercial real estate is a hard asset that often holds its value even during periods of economic turbulence.

Market Independence

The performance of commercial real estate and multifamily properties do not necessarily track with stocks and bonds.